Best Institute for IELTS Classes



E-guroo is The Best for Following Reasons:

 Best Trainers

     Good communication skills are the key to success. To be successful in your social life and career, you need to speak english well.  At E-guroo Gurugram, people of all ages have learnt to speak english correctly in just a few weeks. E-guroo provides its best trainers to the students so that the learning environment is completely enjoyful.   

Best Course Structure.....

      Eguroo provides The best english courses. At E-guroo You may choose a course that suit your schedule and the time you can spare. Choose the course that suits your need.  


Best Learning Environment....   

One of the most important things a teacher can do is provide a positive learning experience. Setting up a positive learning environment is tricky, but not difficult. E-guroo provides The Best learning environment to the students.

Best Quality....

       E-guroo is  The Best english institute in Gurugram. E-guroo makes language learning a success at centers. It is based on decades of experience in language training and is continually being developed to match the needs of a changing world. The principles of these methods are quite simple and make it easy for learners of any level.


Learning Requirements....

       We at E-guroo test your language level before you start learning. It helps us to understand your learning requirement. You join a small group of learners whose level of English matches yours. This makes each learner feel ‘equal’ and therefore comfortable with all other learners.

Learn by Speaking....

      At E-guroo, a learner is encouraged to speak in the language he or she intends to learn. No cramming or complex theories about the language. Class is not only about lectures and answering your questions. 

Techniques used in our Programmes....

Interactive Group Exercises

Communication skill games

Story building sessions

5WH Formula

RWS Formula

Management Games

Audio-Video Training Sessions

Extempore Presentation

Stage Handling & Public Speaking

Group Discussions

One to One Conversations

Role Play etc.

E-guroo language trainers ensure that learners experience the presentation, practice and production stages in sequence. Within each stage a wide range of different training techniques and activities are used to keep training sessions interesting and motivating. The overall amount of time spent on each of the three stages may vary slightly according to the topic, vocabulary or structure.