Guroo 1 Courses


Guroo 1 is the basic english language course. It helps you improve your fuctional grammer and basic english speaking skills. Various types of activities are conducted during the course module which give an edge to your spoken english. Complete module is designed in a manner such that even a layman can start speaking english once he successfully completes our basic english language course "Guroo 1" with keen concentration and dedication.  


Basic and Functional Grammer Activities
 Tenses  Group Discussion
 Actions  Role Plays in Group & One to One
 Story Telling  Tele Shopping
 Experience, Moment and Jokes Sharing  TV News Reading & Anchoring
 WH Formula and Comparative Study  News Paper Reading
 Modals  Channel Change Games
 Duties toward Society, Sharing of Emotions  Listening Skills Games
 Forms of Verbs  Presentation
 Alphabets and Vocabulay Games  Show Hosting
 Preposition  Stage Handling
 Short Forms  Public Speaking
 Spelling Study  Selling Skills
 Mannerly Things  Story Building Session
 RWS Formula  Pros & Cons
 Exclamations  Preodic Fiels Exposure
 Part of Speech  Outdoor Presentation
 Sentence Structure  Audio Video Presentation
 How to Read Time  Extempore
 One Word Substitutions  One to One Conversation
 Basic Reading and Speaking  Management Games
 Formal Informal Letter  Communication Skill Games
 Daily Usage Words and Sentences  Interactive Group Exercises
   Mentor Appointment
On successful complition of this programme you will On successful complition of this programme you will
overcome hesitation to Initiate English Conversation. Speak Fluent English.




Tenses:actions, story telling,experience moments,jokes sharing. Modals:duties towards society. Forms of verbs preposition short forms spelling study parts of speech sentence structures one words substitutions groop discussion newspaper reading presentatio