Guroo 2 Courses


Guroo 2 is the advanced english language course. It helps you improve your vocabulary and english speaking skills. This module is designed for those who can altleast speak basic english. Various types of activities are conducted during the course module which give an edge to your spoken english. Once you successfully complete our advanced english language course "Guroo 2" , you will be able to speak fluent english.


We train you in both American as well as British accents during this module. You also get trained for resume writing, creating effective presentations and maintaining office decorum.

During this module, we focus on developing your personality along with your english speaking skills. Professionals from various corporate houses visit you during your module and make your aware about existing market scenarios and requirements in order to give a cutting edge to your preparations for cracking interviews.

 Advanced English Language Course

Conventional Grammer Though Process
 Direct - Indirect Speech  Management Games
 Active Passive Speech  Communication Skill Games
 Conditionals, Relative Clauses  Maintaining Office Decorum
 Adjective & Adverbs  Maintaining Relations
 Conjuctions  Mirror Presentation
 Accent  Neutralisation  Open House Presentation
 Jaw Exercise  
 Rate or Speech  Raising Social Issues
 Tongue Twisters  New Thinking New Possibility
 Modulation & Intonation  How to Maintain Happiness in Life
 Syllable & Syllable Stress  Pesonality Developement
 JAM Session, Pros and Cons  Body Language
 Wretten Communication  Dressing Sense
 Formal & Informal Letters  Table Manner
 E-mail, Enquiry, Quotations  Interview & Resume Writing
 Reports, Proposal, Bussiness Letters  Cracking the Interview
 Effective Communication & Presentation  Executive Presentation with Official Dress Code
 Inter Personal Skills, Short Skills  Word Power
 Time & Stess Management  American & British Language
 Motivation & Leadership Skills  Most Frequently  Used Words
 Communication Process & Exercise  Phrasal Verbs, Confusing Words, Business Glossary
 Important Speech  Synonyms & Antonyms, Idioms & Proverbs
   One Word Substitution
 On successful completion of this programme, You will  On successful completion of this programme, You will have
 Speek Polished English.  a dynamic personality to meet the challenges of life.